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Ochre: An art-inspired Brand Identity for the restaurant inside London’s National Gallery
Naming, Strategy, Brand Identity, Art Direction, Digital Design, Printed Materials, Merchandise
In 2022 Beach worked with the team at Muriel’s Kitchen to develop an all new brand and food offering to transform the restaurant in the National Gallery into a destination for the best produce England has to offer.
Photography by GRO Studio; Interior Design and External Signage by Red Deer; Interior Signwriting by joeandcharlotte
Brand Identity, Illustration, Packaging, Typography, Spatial design
Restaurants and cafés within museums, galleries and campuses have a tendency to fade into the background, borrowing the name or branding from their host organisation or settling for something generic.

So, when the team at Muriel’s Kitchen got the opportunity to transform the restaurant in the National Gallery, they wanted to create a brand that took appropriate inspiration from the surrounding art and culture, but had a clear identity of its own.
We sought the perfect balance between the food and dining experience and cues from the gallery itself: inspired by the location, defined by the food.

We gave the restaurant the elegant name Ochre, inspired by the traditional clay pigment used in paint, providing many of the warm yellows and reds that can be found in the works within the National Gallery.
Working with GRO Studio, Beach initiated and directed a photoshoot to capture Ochre’s locally sourced ingredients in a unique style inspired by romantic still life oil paintings.
Interiors designed by Red Deer using Beach’s branding and art direction, to create a stand-alone destination within an iconic location.