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Fairground stalls in a warehouse
Fairgame: Brand identity and activation for London’s first interactive fairground venue
Strategy, Brand Identity, Game Identities, Illustration, Tone of Voice, Merchandise, Typography, Spatial design
Beach was approached by the team behind Fairgame in late 2019 with an idea to create a new experience that would inject childlike wonder into London’s nightlife. They would need a spectacular brand identity to turn heads, and bespoke designs for nine unique fairground inspired games.
Photography by Perry Graham; Website and App by Crowdform
The venue would be a booze-fuelled, uncanny valley of fairground themed nostalgia. So we developed a custom alphabet and brand identity inspired by the sights and sounds of the fair. From industrial lighting to rubber ducks, we built a collage of familiar attractions to be used digitally, and constructed into materials for the venue.
We were given access to specifications of the original patents for the classic fairground games, including skee-ball, whack-a-mole and the shooting gallery, and approached each one as a unique piece of artwork. We gave each of our games a distinct identity and personality, mimicking the way a traditional fairground has vendors and stalls that have travelled from all around.